I have a lifelong commitment to learning and to the practice of integrated energy healing.

In the 1960's, I received a BS degree in Physical Education from the University of Southern California.

In the 1970's, I studied and undertook training in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Nutrition, Iridology, Flower Essences, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and a wide variety of spiritual traditions.

In the 1980's, I was the Founder/Director of the Holistic Health Guide Program in Palo Alto, California. I served as Director of the National Holistic Institute in Mountain View, California and also founded Life Management Consulting.

In the 1990's, I brought my focus to multiple modalities of energy healing. After completing a three year certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu, an oriental healing art, I completed the Science of Intuition Training with Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy. In addition, I graduated from the School of Enlightened Healing, a three year intensive training for healers based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Since 2000, I have studied with international healers such as Shelby Hammitt and Rosalyn Bruyere. I was chosen by Rosalyn to participate in an intensive week of healing/service work with the Squawmish Indians on their Reservation in Canada. I have also been accepted as a member of the International Federation of Healers.

Currently, through my private practice, I draw upon a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience to offer energy healing of the highest quality and integrity to facilitate transformative growth in those who are seeking higher levels of wellness.

E-mail: thedow@nydow.com       Website: www.GeorgiaDow.com       (530) 913-7605

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