I am a multi-modality Energy Healer with many years of experience. I work with your energy systems, meridians, and organs to activate your self-healing process.

All sessions are an hour and take place at The Touchstone Healing Center, located 10 minutes from downtown Grass Valley, California. We begin our work together with ample, unhurried time to discuss your needs and questions before you settle in, fully clothed, on my bodywork table. For you to receive as deeply as possible this unique, gentle bodywork and energy healing, I weave in the use of music, silence, color, stones and essential oils. Afterward, I invite you to sit by the pond or walk in the forest before you return to the world.

What You May Experience

Nurturing and comfort
          Empowerment and hope
                    Less pain and anxiety
                              More openness and ease
                                        A higher level of health & wellness

What You May Expect

Through the different kinds of energy modalities I use, you may experience and maintain an optimal flow of energy allowing you to become more focused in your body/mind/spirit connection.

You may also experience higher states of health and wellness, including a strengthened immune system.

People Who Work with Me

are highly motivated to find solutions to the pain, stress, life's transitions, and spiritual crises they are experiencing. The people who work best with me are those who are dedicated to looking for a deeper connection to themselves as well as relief from their suffering.

Transition Counseling

If you are about to undergo a major transition such as a lifestyle, relationship or career change, I can offer you clarity and comfort while guiding you to access your own inner knowing to determine what is true for you.

In end-of-life transitioning, I can help with hopes, questions and fears that so naturally come up at such a time.

E-mail: thedow@nydow.com       Website: www.GeorgiaDow.com       (530) 913-7605

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