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"In Georgia's touch, you can feel her 30 years of diligent study and practice of the healing arts. Physically, I experienced an initial jolt of energy along with a longer-term decrease in my fatigue. Spiritually, the healing treatment allowed me to access an inner place where I could receive messages of encouragement and guidance relevant to the moment. Thanks, Georgia, for your dedication to this work!"

Callie Shively, MA, MFCC

"Georgia's work is gentle, deep, and unfailing in its ability to call forth a healing response from the body. It is truly holistic in that the totality of the body's needs and energy flows are addressed on every level with each treatment. I especially appreciate the integrity and sensitivity with which Georgia practices these ancient and complex healing arts."

Marina Bokelman, Healer,Visionary and Spiritual Teacher

"An essential for healing to occur is to be able to access and enter a deep state of relaxation that returns you to your center. Georgia takes you there."

Peter Nelson Ph.D., Social Scientist

"Georgia is widely and deeply trained in a variety of techniques, but is especially gifted in her relationship with clients. Her exquisitely mindful attention creates the harmony and grace in which healing happens."

Jeff Kane, MD

"When I broke my leg it was easy to look at the metaphors of change, but I found it difficult to know what was actually going on with my body. My foot felt alien with all the metal screws and plate that now held it together. Georgia's calm focus and gentle guidance helped me see and feel into my physical state in a way I had never experienced before. I came to respect the foreign objects as my crew and helpers. I could slow down enough to actively support the healing as I felt it taking place under her sensitive touch. Best of all, by the time Georgia left I felt friends with my body - a tremendous gift."

Mary K. Greer, Author and Teacher

The following article is reprinted from The Union, Grass Valley, California

October 31, 2003

Finding A Person's Energy Helps Healing

Healing Journeys with Suzie Daggett

Suzie Daggett interviews Georgia Dow, multi-modality, integrated energy healer.

What prompted you to get into the energy healing?

When I was young, I was very interested in understanding the human body. I knew I didn't want to be a nurse or doctor, so I studied physical education. I quickly found out teaching high school was not my best fit, so I turned to a newly developing field in 1970: therapeutic massage. After 20 years as a massage therapist, I felt a real need to stop moving my hands and "feel into" what I was feeling. I knew there was so much more beyond the physical body, and my hands started showing me. Learning to understand the structure and function of the energy world and how to integrate that into your awareness is an intense odyssey of inner personal growth. That was why I chose to enter into two three-year trainings for energy healers, plus I continue trainings with international healers to this day.

Can you explain the human energy field?

Ancient wisdom teachings and now, quantum physics, provide us with descriptions of how energies change from finer frequencies to denser frequencies. The finer frequencies are where energy centers or chakras and acupuncture meridians are found. Denser frequencies take the physical form of the body. A simple explanation of a human energy field is as follows: our bodies are made up of organ systems, organs are made up of tissues, tissues are made up of cells, cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of energy. So, if we are made up of atoms that are energy, how solid are we? This is an entry point into understanding that we as human beings are energy systems.

How can we understand energy that we do not see?

The nervous systems for most of us are not sensitive enough to perceive the finer waves and frequencies in the energy world. There are people who are born with or have developed their subtle sixth-sense perceptions, and they are able to feel or see these energies. They are known as intuitives, psychics, remote viewers, etc. The value of learning that the energy world exists is that there are enormous everyday health and well-being benefits. For instance, a sweet energy benefit that almost everyone has done is this: when a child skins a knee, mom may instinctively put her hand on the knee, immediately soothing the upset. She is running energy, and the child starts to feel better. Remember, we are dynamic energy systems. The more energy awareness, understanding and skill you have, the more you can direct and use energy. Electricity always existed, but until we discovered it and learned how to manage it, we didn't know what we missed. Energy is much like this.

What happens when a client comes for a session?

I do a long intake, to find how much awareness they have with their physical, emotional or spiritual concern. Have they seen a doctor? Do they have a diagnosis? What is their experience? I may ask what they feel the physical part or issue is telling them. Sometimes they know, yet they are choosing not to listen to what their body needs, or they are looking for a deeper learning beyond what the body itself is saying. One of the key factors to energy work is that I do not DO healing, rather, I activate the healing mechanisms that are within every person. It is like gardening. If I see a plant that is turning yellow I don't spray paint the plant green to make it look better. I "step back" and look at its relationship to the whole garden...the soil, the sun, and the water. Is it crowded, does it need shade, etc. That is also what I do at the energetic level. By "stepping in" and attending to the energetic needs in a person, I facilitate the movement of energy that affects their bodies, their emotions/thoughts and their spirit. People always feel better after these sessions.

What is the experience of energy work like?

When someone is ready to experience what energy work feels like, I always use a very light hands-on touch approach so they can feel where I am. I also use carefully selected music, essential oils, and color to strengthen the energetic environment. Immediately, people start to relax, sometimes slightly, sometimes deeply. They may find themselves instinctively taking a deep breath, dropping their shoulders, and feeling even more ease. In energy work, people have the opportunity to relax so deeply, as their body "lets go" and their emotions and thoughts calm down. In those moments, they experience deeper states of themselves, gaining knowledge of who they are and what they wish to accomplish with the healing.

How does energy work deal with disease?

If I were dealing with a client with heart or cardio-vascular challenges, I might ask: "Where is your heart or feelings of love in your life right now?" That may open a whole story in which feelings that have been longing to be felt or heard are given space, time and attention. If I put my hand on their heart area, and let my hand spend some time there, the energy may start "releasing" or "drawing in water" like a dry sponge. Energy can go one of two ways. It is either flowing and harmonious or blocked and constricted. The better the flow, the happier you are at all levels.

How can we feel energy?

Here is an energy experiment you can do to start to feel the energy around your body: rub the palms of your hands together fast, pull your hands out from each other about three inches or so, and then pulse your hands back and forth, not completely touching. Breathe deeply to activate your energy flows and keep this going for one minute. What do you notice? As you moved your hands back and forth did you feel tingling, warmth or a current like a magnetic current? That's your energy you are feeling! It is all around you all the time.

What do you get out of energy work?

It is such a privilege to be so real with people. Every session is different and so alive. We laugh and sometimes cry as we explore wherever their needs take us. That level of honesty and growth is heaven for me.

Georgia Dow may be reached at (530) 913-7605 or through her Web site: http://www.georgiadow.com/

Suzie Daggett is the host of Healing INsights on FCAT, Channel 11 and the publisher of INSIGHT, a directory of healing arts practitioners, http://www.insightdirectory.com/

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